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Intergas is the leading player in the Netherlands for high-efficiency boilers and hybrid heat pumps. As part of the international Rheem group, the company uses its strength in innovation to design, manufacture, and distribute cost-effective and sustainable heating solutions .The Product Category Manager for Boilers manages the end-to-end lifecycle of Intergas’ portfolio of boiler products. The PCM drives the product development and roadmap, go-to-market strategy, pricing, and other strategic decisions, working closely with R&D, Engineering, Sales, local Product Managers, and the rest of the Product Category Management team.

About Intergas

Intergas is the leading player in the Netherlands for high-efficiency boilers and hybrid heat pumps. The company is the driving force behind technological innovations in the sector. With its smart solutions, Intergas leads the charge in the heating transition—helping homeowners and installers achieve more sustainable, cost-effective heating. Intergas develops its products entirely in-house (hardware, software, and electronics) and has scored best in many tests for the past decade. It comes as no surprise that almost half of all Dutch boilers are manufactured by Intergas and that its new hybrid models are considered the most compact, cost-effective, and sensible solution for existing buildings.

Since 2019, Intergas has been part of Rheem, a strong international player in cooling and heating systems with annual sales of around six billion euros and operations in over fifty countries. As part of its European growth strategy, Rheem also acquired DEJONG in 2022. With the addition of this world-leading manufacturer of stainless-steel hot water tanks and the acquisition of Germany’s MHG Heiztechnik in 2023, Rheem has built an excellent foundation for its leading role in Europe’s energy transition.

Ready for the future of HVAC
The HVAC industry in Europe is changing rapidly. The energy transition and resulting European and national regulations pose both a challenge and an opportunity for an innovative player like Intergas. Competition is growing, and customers increasingly need sustainable, yet cost-effective solutions. As a European industry leader, Intergas strives to maintain its reputation for quality while setting the organization up for future success. Structural changes have led to the creation of a new Product Category Management department to meet changing customer demands and accelerate the speed-to-market of its innovations while reducing costs.

Vacancy: Product Category Manager

As part of the new Product Category Management department, the Product Category Manager (PCM) for Boilers is the end-to-end leader, responsible for the lifecycle of all boiler products within the Intergas portfolio of products. As the internal and external thought leader on their product category, they lead innovation in boilers with competitive and customer insights, set the go-to-market and pricing strategy, track product success and manage resources, and ensure continuous improvement across the product roadmap. This includes portfolio decisions, product launches, cost and price optimization, compliance, and meeting sustainability demands in the market. Within the category of gas-fired boilers, the PCM also leads the strategic thinking about the decarbonization of heating, including green gas, hydrogen gas, and the development of smart hybrid all-in-one boilers.

The Product Category Manager serves as the voice of Intergas’ customers to the whole organization. They define the scope, product vision, target audience, and the problems a product should solve. Focusing the category strategy and decisions within the PCM position leads to greater speed-to-market, reduced costs, a more aligned vision, transparency, and increased collaboration between Innovation, Engineering, and the Product Management organization.

“We are one of the European leaders in the fast-changing HVAC sector. Intergas’ strength in innovation remains critical. Speed-to-market and efficiency are becoming increasingly important, and product category management will be key to achieving those feats” – Arno La Haye, Managing Director Intergas

The Product Category Manager for Boilers works closely with the PCMs for Hybrid and Digital and manages the Product Delivery Managers to implement identified projects for their category. They also build and maintain excellent collaborations with Innovation and Engineering on product development and continuous improvement of the existing boiler portfolio. While doing so, they feed back insights to the PCM Hybrids on the hybrid solution portfolio. The PCM sets priorities for the countries’ sales organization based on the boiler product roadmap and strategy, and in turn, gets voice of customer data and commercial insights from the local product management teams to make data-driven decisions.

This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced product manager or designer with strategic insight. An excellent stakeholder manager, they speak the language of the different parts of the organization and bring them together in seamless and transparent collaboration. Their credibility and thought leadership on boilers make them pivotal for Intergas’ ability to respond quickly to market changes and secure the company’s prominence in the industry.

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